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Maoming Port Group held the launch ceremony of the 2022 "Secretary Project"

       On the afternoon of April 26,Maoming Port Group held the launch ceremony of the 2022 annual "Secretary Project",Group Party Secretary, Chairman Wang Zhihua attended the meeting and made a speech,Deputy Party Secretary, President Xiao Bingzhang presided over the meeting,Yang Chaocan, Party Committee member and vice president,Chen Jun, member of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and ombudsman,Vice President Zhu Guangyu attended the meeting。

Wang Zhihua stressed,2022年,It is the group's 10th anniversary,Is the key project construction landing year,It is a critical year for the group to achieve transformation and development,Group to create the "secretary project" is to implement the city and the new district on strengthening the construction of the Party's grass-roots organization three-year action plan requirements,Party Secretary as the first responsible person to directly grasp the party construction project to promote the results of a work,We must further consolidate our minds and unite our thoughts,We will fully and strictly govern the Party and fulfill our responsibility for Party building,Solve the "two skins" problem of Party building and business work,Promoting the deep integration of grassroots Party building and group business,Comprehensively improve the level of grassroots Party building work of the group。

Wang Zhihua requirements, the "secretary of the project" the main responsible person must perform the first responsibility, and strive to ensure that the party building work and group central work together to plan, deploy, promote together, the responsibility layer upon layer passed down, has been passed to the most grassroots。All cadres and staff should be higher standards, stricter requirements, stronger responsibility, to achieve a game of strategy, one heart and one strength, pay close attention to the implementation of task measures, strive to promote the group's work to improve the quality and efficiency, with practical actions to meet the Party's 20 victory。一要Take responsibility and strengthen organizational leadership。The branch secretary should take the lead and act,We will take the "Secretary project" as the main starting point to promote the comprehensive and in-depth development of strict Party governance,Compaction is the main responsibility,Personally participate in project management and personally track deployment and implementation,The field supervisor was present in person,We worked to ensure effective implementation of the Secretary Project,Make grass-roots Party organizations the "red engine" of group construction and development。二要Strengthen deployment, promote measures in place。Conscientiously organize research and deployment of various work, specify detailed measures and specific arrangements, detailed to the day, week, month specific work measures, real-time tracking of the project progress, to develop feasible measures for existing problems, timely clarify obstacles, to ensure that the "secretary project" according to the process。三要Form a force to make sure the target lands。The "secretary project" is placed in a prominent position in the annual grassroots Party building work of the unit, giving full play to the role of grassroots Party organizations as fighting bastions and vanguard models of Party members, concentrating advantages, integrating resources, gathering strength to make breakthroughs, and making every effort to solve the difficulties and blocking points in the work to ensure that the expected goals are achieved。

At the launch ceremony, the Implementation Plan of Maoming Port Group's "Secretary Project" and the Notice of Maoming Port Group Committee of the Communist Party of China on the Approval of Maoming Port Group's 2022 Grassroots Party Construction "Secretary Project" were notified.。The Party Committee of the group awarded the 6 "secretary projects" approved in 2022, and the representative Party branch secretary made a speech。Forty-eight people from each department and office of the group, the main leaders of each subordinate enterprise, the main leaders and contacts of each "Secretary project", the members of each party branch and the party affairs workers attended the launch ceremony。(吴超)

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